“संतुष्टि/Satisfaction”– YMPH DAILY CHALLENGE

18/03/2021 की प्रतियोगिता का विषय है “संतुष्टि/Satisfaction”। हमसे जुड़े हुए प्रतिभावान कवियों के कविताओं को पढ़िए । प्रेम, डर, और अंधकार ऐसे कई मायने होंगे जो कवियों के दिल को भावुक रखते है । ऐसी भावुकता का हम आदर करते है और उनकी भावनाओं को निपुण बनाना ही संकल्प है हमारा । हम हर रोज किसी न किसी विषय पर अपने व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप में Daily Challenge प्रतियोगिता के माध्यम से लेखकों तथा कवियों को उनकी बातों को कलम तक आने का मौका देते है । और जो सबसे अच्छा लिखते हैं । आप उनकी लेख इस पेज पर पढ़ रहे है

अगर आप भी एक कवि या कहानीकार है और अपनी रचना को पन्नो पर उतारना चाहते है तो हमारा व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप अभी जॉइन कीजिये ।


Savita Sawasia

कौन कहता है आज कि
मुझे है संतुष्टि
जो भी पाया मैंने
वही है मेरी सृष्टि…
संतुष्टि की नहीं है कोई परिभाषा
गौर से देखें इसे
तो है यह मन की आशा
जो सुने कोई इसे
तो है प्रेम की भाषा
जो लिखना चाहे कोई इसे
तो बन जाती लेखनी की अभिलाषा…..

शब्दों का बंधन भी न कर पाया
संतुष्टि का वरण
संतुष्टि मिलती है तब
जब न हो मन में कोई उलझन……

हर किसी के लिए होता है
संतुष्टी का अलग पैमाना
हीरे मोतियों से भी ज्यादा है अनमोल ,संतुष्टि का ख़ज़ाना…..


Shradha Rai


S-un shine on your eyes is a great satisfaction.
A-ir gives you a great satisfaction after your hard work.
T-rees provides you food is a great satisfaction.
I-nsects collecting nector from flowers is a beautiful moment.
S-now fall is an enjoyable moment for every person.
F-lowers blossom day and night gives a great pleasure.
A-nimals roaming here and there gives you happiness and fun.
C-louds moving one place to another is an awesome moment.
T-resures of nature gives a lot pleasure.
I-ce cubes offers a beautiful scenery that satisfied your heart.
O-cean are the home of a lot of fishes living happily.
N-ature itself gives you a great satisfaction as its beautiful creations.

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Anjali Soni

इस दुनिया की यही रीत है
न कुछ पाने की आस,न खोने का भय
सही मायने मे यही सन्तुष्टि है ।

हों कितने ही विद्वान दुनिया में
कुछ पाने की इच्छा रखते हैं,
कर लिया उसे हासिल
तो फ़िर खोने से डरते हैं,
हो साधारण मन,मन में तृप्ति है
असल में यही सन्तुष्टि है ।

अक्सर बहुत गँवाते देखा है मैंने
अनगिनत गुमशुदा मुसाफ़िरों को ,
आए थे अकेले,जाना था अकेले
रहते हैं मूढ़,न समझते इसको,
दुनिया की ज़रूरत अब मानवता की दृष्टि है
व्याख्या इसकी,शांत मन सन्तुष्टि है।…

Special Write-up

Sara Tendulkar

What is satisfaction? According to me, it’s a skill which can be only achieved by a peaceful mind. It is that beautiful feeling I get after pushing myself harder and out of my comfort zone. Satisfaction makes everything better. We can find it anywhere if we have those positive vibes within us. Even the smallest things possible like breeze, petrichor can make us feel blissful. It can also be found in a mess.

I still remember that day when my first book had been published. That was such an unforgettable feeling. The feeling of finally achieving what I’d always wanted, but had never thought of getting.

There are also some stupid things which oddly satisfy me like pouring slime into a bowl, watching reverse videos, relatable stuff, time lapse paintings, kitkat broken with perfection or listening to 8D music.

I know there are hardships in your life, but live for that feeling of satisfaction. After all it’s you. You’re strong,you can do it, ‘cause you’ve done it till here and you’re still doing it. Wake up every morning to praise yourself. Grab that energy, work harder than the day before and wooohoo, go super tired to sleep, and with satisfaction. Break contact with irritating people and get away from nonsense. Use your energy to do something productive or atleast to take a power nap, but don;t waste it on idiots. Invest every single bit of your energy for yourself, and let Soliloquy do it’s job on you. You won’t even realize how amazingly you’d train your mind to achieve this very art.

Julekha Yasmin Ali

Satisfaction is a mental phenomenon which gives us the utmost happiness.
And happiness depends on our way of thinking and deeds.
Sometimes,a little act of kindness can give you a great mental satisfaction at the same time, you can not acquire satisfaction by earning lakhs of rupees.
Satisfaction lies on giving rather than receiving.
Satisfaction lies on helping others rather than being helpless.
Satisfaction lies on supplying rather than demanding.

Satisfaction is not an extenal sensation it’s an inner feelings.
The things which pleases us the most will satisfy us the most. Different people have different set of satisfaction.
A writer gets satisfaction by writing.
A painter gets satisfaction by painting.
A teacher gets satisfaction by teaching.
A cook gets satisfaction by cooking.
An actor gets satisfaction by acting.
Satisfaction lies on being an active participant rather being a passive recipient.
Life of a satisfied person is far better than the life ya successful person.

A poor gets satisfaction by sleeping on the ground.At the same time,a rich man does not get satisfaction by sleeping on the bed made up of lakhs of rupees.Because a poor gets satisfaction by doing what he loves to do.He does not run after Money.But the rich person for the sake of earning lakhs of rupees he goes on doing the activities he never dreamt of.
So it’s my suggestion do what you like.
Or what gives you pleasure.That would be your ultimate source of satisfaction.

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