16/03/2021 की प्रतियोगिता का विषय है “Morning Breeze”। हमसे जुड़े हुए प्रतिभावान कवियों के कविताओं को पढ़िए । प्रेम, डर, और अंधकार ऐसे कई मायने होंगे जो कवियों के दिल को भावुक रखते है । ऐसी भावुकता का हम आदर करते है और उनकी भावनाओं को निपुण बनाना ही संकल्प है हमारा । हम हर रोज किसी न किसी विषय पर अपने व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप में Daily Challenge प्रतियोगिता के माध्यम से लेखकों तथा कवियों को उनकी बातों को कलम तक आने का मौका देते है । और जो सबसे अच्छा लिखते हैं । आप उनकी लेख इस पेज पर पढ़ रहे है

अगर आप भी एक कवि या कहानीकार है और अपनी रचना को पन्नो पर उतारना चाहते है तो हमारा व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप अभी जॉइन कीजिये ।



〽️orning Breeze❤️
The wind scattered the leaves all over the grass floor
That morning breeze has caused me to want more
On this very Autumn day
I wonder how I have found my way
To jumping on hills of leaves

Dreams rest on clouds
That morning breeze is never loud
On this very Summer day
I hear the cicadas sing as if they pray
For rain to finds its way to earth

A white flawless blanket is all you’ll see
Small snowflakes have fallen upon me
On this very Winter day
‘I want to build a fire is all you’ll want to say
For its too cold, on this not so forgetful day

The floor now blooms into life
Pinks, blues and purples are seen
On this very Spring day
It can make anyone feel gay
There’s a rainbow above my head


Dr. Major Shital Jindal


“Today when I woke up
I wandered to balcony
Looking outside there
Sipping my hot coffee.

Suddenly something passed me
My eyes closed automatically
Yes, the touch of morning breeze
Took me to my own history.

It’s just an year back when
We were both standing here
Arms in arms, hugging each other
Posing titanic, laughing together.

The whiff of zephyr is still the same
It rustles my hairs even today
Just you aren’t there, to tuck them in.”

IG: Shital.jindal


Pragyan Paramita Patra


Women ,
Has a pathetic past ,
Covered with sacrifices due to society ,
But still she is like the morning breeze ,
Flows in every season .
Cleans the heart of the soecity ,
With her soft wind .
Breeze do turn to storm ,
If something wrong happens ,
She is not always etiquette ,
Does also change to thunder ,
As the society change towards her .
The spirit and patience she has ,
Is like the morning breeze covering the region beyond imagination .

Special Write-up

Disha Kedia

The morning breeze
Lends a mesmerizing peace
Where dreams stay halted
And the nature just heals.

The morning breeze
With those chirpy wings
Makes the soul dance
On its enchanting beat.

The morning breeze
Just close your eyes and try to feel
Brings you closer to the almighty
And all your worries
For moments will freeze.

The morning breeze
Just can’t be defined
It can be experienced
And trust me
This experience is just Divine.


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