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No means No

04/04/2024 की प्रतियोगिता का विषय है “No means No” हमसे जुड़े हुए प्रतिभावान कवियों के कविताओं को पढ़िए । प्रेम, डर, और अंधकार ऐसे कई मायने होंगे जो कवियों के दिल को भावुक रखते है । ऐसी भावुकता का हम आदर करते है और उनकी भावनाओं को निपुण बनाना ही संकल्प है हमारा । हम हर रोज किसी न किसी विषय पर अपने व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप में Daily Challenge प्रतियोगिता के माध्यम से लेखकों तथा कवियों को उनकी बातों को कलम तक आने का मौका देते है । और जो सबसे अच्छा लिखते हैं । आप उनकी लेख इस पेज पर पढ़ रहे है

The theme of the competition for 04/04/2024 is No means No“. Read the poems of the talented poets associated with us. Love, fear, and darkness are the many meanings that keep the hearts of poets emotional. We respect such sentiments and it is our resolve to make their feelings adept. Every day, we give an opportunity to writers and poets to put their thoughts to pen through the Daily Challenge competition in our WhatsApp group on different Topic. And those who write best. You are reading those article on this page.

No means No

No Means No

Saying no to others is important in life.whether it can be mom,dad,friends,relatives,etc.

Saying no is a good habit that we should do it.

Written by Ananya Nayak

ना का अर्थ ना होता है ,
इसका अर्थ ये नहीं होता
तुम गलत और मैं सही हूँ।

ना कहना कभी -कभी मजबूरी होती है ,
पहुँचे ना ठेस आत्मसम्मान को ये
इसलिए जरूरी है ।

एक ना कभी जरूरी है ,
एक हाँ से हर बार काम नहीं चलता ,
रिश्ता रखना है सच्चा तो
ना कभी-कभी बोलना होगा।

नहीं चाहत होती है ना कहने की,
पर दिल और दिमाग की जंग में,
लड़ाई हो जाती है
इसलिए ना बोलना पड़ जाता है।

By Anjali Gupta

No means No
When someone says it
they means the same
Saying it and hearing it
both are difficult
because we don’t want to hurt someone
And don’t want to listen this from someone
But when it comes to dignity and self respect
Then ,you have say No and it’s means No
move a head in life by blocking all the barriers coming in the way to you
After saying No,there is no place of maybe might be
because it means completey No
Don’t listen others
Don’t be a copy cat
Just say No and destroy it from its root or initial

Anushka Pandey

Why NO means always NO?
Sometimes there is a YES hidden in a NO when she sacrifices her wishes just to be with them as family…
Sometimes there is a YES hidden in a NO when her decision is not valued and explored…
Sometimes there is a YES hidden in a NO when they forced their plans just to make her small…

Why not NO always mean NO only?
When she had never given a hint to proceed…
When she always had a vision of work and respect…
When she was not even asked to kill a part within her body…
When even her smile was considered as her consent…
-Dr. Priyanka

In the depths of day or night, her voice rings clear,
A resolute declaration, dispelling fear.
With unwavering strength, she speaks her creed,
“No means no,” in the language of her need.

In every glance, in every sigh,
A boundary set, reaching for the sky.
With unwavering grace, she takes her stand,
“No means no,” as she holds her hand.

In whispers soft, in tempest’s roar,
Her truth resounds, forevermore.
No yielding to pressure, no doubts to sow,
“No means no,” her mantra, her vow.

For in her soul, in her sacred space,
Lies the power to set her pace.
To honor her desires, to fiercely defend,
“No means no,” until the end.

So let it echo through each day’s light,
A beacon of courage, a guiding might.
With strength and resolve, she’ll always convey,
“No means no,” in her own empowering way.


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