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13/03/2024 की प्रतियोगिता का विषय है “Smile” हमसे जुड़े हुए प्रतिभावान कवियों के कविताओं को पढ़िए । प्रेम, डर, और अंधकार ऐसे कई मायने होंगे जो कवियों के दिल को भावुक रखते है । ऐसी भावुकता का हम आदर करते है और उनकी भावनाओं को निपुण बनाना ही संकल्प है हमारा । हम हर रोज किसी न किसी विषय पर अपने व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप में Daily Challenge प्रतियोगिता के माध्यम से लेखकों तथा कवियों को उनकी बातों को कलम तक आने का मौका देते है । और जो सबसे अच्छा लिखते हैं । आप उनकी लेख इस पेज पर पढ़ रहे है

The theme of the competition for 13/03/2024 is Smile“. Read the poems of the talented poets associated with us. Love, fear, and darkness are the many meanings that keep the hearts of poets emotional. We respect such sentiments and it is our resolve to make their feelings adept. Every day, we give an opportunity to writers and poets to put their thoughts to pen through the Daily Challenge competition in our WhatsApp group on different Topic. And those who write best. You are reading those article on this page.


Her smile

smiles no matter how rock bottom her life may lead her through nor knock her down remember those people around her remember those that fill her laughter when she down recalled those people, she’ve find them in her heart though their presence may not be with her at some point smiles through good and bad times doesn’t mean she gone mad .

They’re happy tears with a smile that automatically appears with heart so pure a kind of smiles from within the beautiful soul of transparency remember them as if it was yesterday yet long ago her smile appear again .

Authoress/Poetess: Putri Misnia Shary
IG : @misnia_bahri Amman , Jordan

ग़मों ने भी कर ली तौबा
मेरे मुस्कुराने से ,
वो भी हैरान हैं
मेरे जीने के इस अंदाज से।
दर्द का ग़ुबार उठा
तो हमारी मुस्कराहट ने ही
हमें सँभाला,
ख़ामोशी का एक रूप
वो भी था
जिसमें आंसू भरी दास्तान का
मुलम्मा मेरी मुस्कान ने
ओढ़ रखा था ।
Madhu Bhasin

Smile, it’s costs nothing
Smile is free of cost
It spreads in hearts
Smile in such a way that it should not be fake
Smile for yourself
Not to show others
Because that’s not real
Be always smiling
Because it’s the birthright of all
No one can snatch it.
A smile is the glow of the face.
A natural smile has a powerful effect on people’s hearts
Smile shows a lot about oneself
I love my smile
But take a lot of efforts to bring it

Anushka Pandey


You’ve been an unwelcomed guest of mine at the age of five;

You’ve been in my google search at the age of twenty five;

Then You’ve started to be like raindrops on flowers at the age of fourty five;

Now, you turned out to be the goal of my rest of life after sixty five!

-Sujetha Rajarathinam

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