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A long queue/YMPH-Daily-Writing-Challenge

06/02/2024 की प्रतियोगिता का विषय है “A long queue” हमसे जुड़े हुए प्रतिभावान कवियों के कविताओं को पढ़िए । प्रेम, डर, और अंधकार ऐसे कई मायने होंगे जो कवियों के दिल को भावुक रखते है । ऐसी भावुकता का हम आदर करते है और उनकी भावनाओं को निपुण बनाना ही संकल्प है हमारा । हम हर रोज किसी न किसी विषय पर अपने व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप में Daily Challenge प्रतियोगिता के माध्यम से लेखकों तथा कवियों को उनकी बातों को कलम तक आने का मौका देते है । और जो सबसे अच्छा लिखते हैं । आप उनकी लेख इस पेज पर पढ़ रहे है

The theme of the competition for 06/02/2024 is A long queue“. Read the poems of the talented poets associated with us. Love, fear, and darkness are the many meanings that keep the hearts of poets emotional. We respect such sentiments and it is our resolve to make their feelings adept. Every day, we give an opportunity to writers and poets to put their thoughts to pen through the Daily Challenge competition in our WhatsApp group on different Topic. And those who write best. You are reading those article on this page.

A long queue

लंबी लाइन

यह लाइन इतनी क्यों लंबी देखो
सुबह से इस इसमें हुं खड़ी
अब दोपहर होने को है और यह
चींटी जितनी आगे है बढ़ी
बस इतनी ही अब इंतेजा की जल्दी
से आगे बढ़े यह लाईन
बहुत ज़रुरी काम मेरा आज ही
पुरा करना नहीं तो भारी जुर्माना
पड़ेगा मुझे भरना पड़ेगा मुझे भरना।

Kadambari gupta
Insta -id , kadambari.gupta

A long queue:

A long queue, moving at a slow pace,
Where I have to wait throughout the day;
Having drained my energy though,
And my irritated mind is anxious throughout.

My brain is left exasperated though,
Looking at my watch repeatedly,
And holding back my patience strongly,
Thereby ushering a positive feeling within it.

Instead of my anger I tried to remain calm,
For I can’t do anything harm;
Gradually I kept waiting for my turn,
And there I was, in front of everyone.

~Prahelika Sen

When you are standing in a long queue and everything moves at a slow pace
It tests my patience and makes me feel impatient
We can’t stay calm for a long time
We start feeling irritated
It takes a lot of time and utilizes my energy
We feel bored
And start feeling that the work can’t be finished
Anushka Pandey

जिंदगी की इस लंबी कतार में
कहीं हार है तो कहीं जीत।
मंजिल की बस आशा है।
लोगों की बस भीड़ है
कौन कब किसे कुचल दे
यह किसी को मालूम नहीं।
कविता का काव्य

As it is , waiting is boring
And if the queue is long
It is all the more irritating.
Standing in a long queue
Quite towards the end
I looked lazily , here , there and everywhere
At no one in particular
To nowhere to be specific.
Actually , standing becomes tedious….
Otherwise sitting someplace to observe
Even if the queue is long
Is what I enjoy and have no qualms about.
A middle aged man
Stood in the queue before me
He looked impatient and indolent
As he fidgeted with his key.
A teenager was just behind me
She was hooked to her earphones
Not bothered with anything and very carefree.
She seemed as though she had all the time in her hands
Wasn’t impatient at all
Had everything planned.
Idly , my gaze shifted
To the queue by my side
Now I focused
On a tall lady with big bright eyes.
Her saree was a dull rust
She carried herself well
Even in the crowd
Her perfume I could smell.
I realised I was staring
So I gave my mind a shove
As the queue inched forward
I thought no more staring now
I reprimanded myself
Muttering its bad manners to stare anyhow.
Shompa Banerjee

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